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MAST Apartments - Brighton

Beautiful bayside living is realised in Mast Apartments, a boutique residential development that features exquisite materials and finishes to reflect the area’s culture and surrounding environment.

The building design responds sensitively to the scale of the village architecture, retaining an existing heritage shop front and through the prominent use of brick in the facade. The building form steps back from the street to mediate scale and in doing so, creating a sequence of deep terraces and balconies. All apartments are light-filled and accompanied by large terraces overlooking the village and with views of the bay and city.

In a nod to the nearby seaside, the building is crowned at the top level with zinc-like panels, which will oxidise and turn green.It provides a contemporary expression with local authenticity.

Developed By: Graceland

Project managed By: LOI Projects

Waste Management By: Urban Waste

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